Welcome to the website of the Department of Business Administration.

The Department of Business Administration of the University of Lleida carries out its work mainly in the Faculty of Law, Economy and Tourism , Teaching in the degrees of Administration and Business Management, Tourism and Law. He also teaches at the School of Agricultural Engineering , at School of Higher Polytechnic, in Faculty of Medicine , in Faculty of Arts and in University Campus Igualada.

At the same time, the Business Administration Department coordinates and supports the teaching and research activities and initiatives of four areas of knowledge:

  • Marketing and Market Research  
  • Financial Economics and Accounting  
  • Business Organization
  • Economy, Sociology and Agrarian Policy 

In the teaching aspect, the Department of Business Administration integrates around 70 professors and maintains an intense formative activity for the preparation of students of new access to the labor market, for the recycling and specialization of professionals in exercise, and for the training of researchers and academics. That is why the department develops and participates regularly in various Postgraduate courses, specialization courses, training courses and university extension courses. He also participates in the Doctorate program in Law and Business Administration.

In the research facet, the Department of Business Administration strengthens and develops research activities through collaboration in different projects, and has several research groups. He also participates actively in the Chair of Family Business and the Santander Chair of University Entrepreneurship.